Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm A Scaredy Cat

Not sure if it's the lack of sleep, my two jobs, my anxiety about Ryan's business trip next week and me being left alone, and being slightly homesick....but something is off. When I say something is off, I mean that I can feel something within myself is not right. Whether it's my mood or what not, but I can sense that I am not myself.

As mentioned there are numerous factors that could make me feel like this.Yes, as much as I complained about the little children that seem to reek havoc on my morning, I just can't get use to them. Also, the whole two jobs is totally ruining my sleeping pattern. I find myself in bed every night at 9, but the struggle to get up at ten of five is still there, maybe I need to give it some more time or not...I need my sleep. I fear my biggest stress is the fact that Ryan is leaving me on Saturday for a business trip for a whole week. My stomach is already in knots as I write this. Queue the "you will be fine's" and the "it's only a week" but this is a big deal. Of course I will miss him, like a lot, but I am petrified of being by myself. Of course, we live in a safe apartment complex but thinking about myself all alone in my big dark apartment is terrifying. Luckily, I am planning on staying at my parents Saturday night, but that still leaves five days of being scared out of my mind and sleeping with the lights and television on. (Ry, I apologize in advance for the price of our electric bill in the time you are gone) But anyway I am ready to put my big girl panties on and get next week over with, until he travels again and we will begin this process all over again!

So if you need me for the next week, I will be hiding under my bed with a flashlight until he comes home!
Clearly this girl did her makeup for her attacker....but you get the gist
Anyway, I will be spending the weekend at my parents which will be some good distraction and some much needed quality time with them and I can't wait for it. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Thursday and just think we are so close to Friday!
Until next time,

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  1. I am the same way! I hate being home alone because I've rarely had to do it in my life! Just make sure you're cozy and watch a movie to keep some noise going :).
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