Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Into The Swing of Things

Hi loves, hope everyone had a less than hectic Monday! I am finally getting into the swing of things at work and fitting in more and more. Last week was filled with training but yesterday was my first day on my own and it felt good to know what I was doing.

In other news...I am growing out my hair dun...dun....dun. Its an awful process and trust me everyone around me has heard me bitch and complain probably everyday. Not only does my hair take FOREVER to grow out but it is also at an awkward length right now so its hard to do anything different then wear it down. So in the next couple of days I may be making a  decision to either cut it or start trying some alternate measures to change up the do! If anyone has any suggestions, send them my way!

I am enjoying my extra time in the morning but don't get me wrong I miss my 8-4:30 schedule but oh well, change is a good thing!

Until next time my loves!

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