Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching up from the weekend

Tuesday...its not Thursday but we are getting there.

The weekend was filled with friends and family and the not so fun good byes. Needed some time to catch up.

Ryan's sisters (you can learn more about Ryan here) were leaving for college and it was an unexpected stir of emotions. I was use to seeing them over the course of the summer but now was the time to say our goodbyes.

Meg was the first one to go, leaving us on Friday we spent the night Wednesday with her to say our goodbyes, this was her first time going off to college, but we knew she was ready. Our future UNH Wildcat!

Jenna left on Saturday but we were sure to say goodbye before they embarked early morning on Saturday, we made our way on Friday night to wish her luck in her junior year. She has been making us proud as a UCONN Huskie!

Saturday was filled with my family and puppies. Spent the day up in NH visiting with my mum and dad while Ryan did some golfing, then we had a BBQ to end the day. I love living on my own and with Ry but seeing my parents, my brothers and my little pups Lou and Colby always makes me smile.

Work got off on the wrong foot on Monday, we lost our internet and phones which left me useless and the rest of the company as well, I left early but once again our system is down today and I am working from home, which gives me a good excuse to write and catch up on my weakness...reality tv!

The E! channel is back from a commercial and the Kardashian's are just getting good...until next time!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Room for Improvement

"I have to be careful not to be too proud in life, because there is always room for improvement. "
-Sylvia Kristel

I always find myself looking at something and thinking how could that have been better. Whether its a conversation with my boss, a  cookie recipe,  or even a simple text message - there is always ways to improve it or do it better.

Most of my ideas on this blog come from looking for ways to improve not only my life but the lives of those around me and of course having fun while doing it.

I look forward to sharing the more I learn, write, explore, try, succeed or fail, and get inspire.