Monday, October 21, 2013

Thoughts on a Monday

Do you ever just wake up and think what am I doing with my life? Yes, a very broad question for a Monday morning but this morning as I was rummaging through my closet for some business appropriate outfit when all I wanted to do was throw on some leggings and call it a day. I found myself pondering a very unanswerable question.

The things I do know what I'm doing with my life:

I have a great job that pays the bills and keeps a roof over my head
I surround myself with great people, an amazing boyfriend, supportive family and friends, hysterical coworkers
I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am officially gluten-free for the long haul
I consider myself a pretty good person
Then there is what can I do more of or be better at?
I have been thinking about taking classes, not sure in what but I want to broader my knowledge
I could be healthier, dieting is not going to work alone. I need to get my butt to the gym
I need to be more open minded, if I spent less time worrying and just went with it I would be a lot better off
I'm sure there are other areas for improvement and I will stumble upon them in due time, but for now I will strive to follow the following quote and know there is a reason for everything.
Until next time,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

He fell through a window and I fell in love

Well I haven't made my presence known in the blog land for a little bit. Just the craziness of coming off a mini vacation and work picking up I had to put the good ol' blog on the back burner for a bit but I'm back!

Hopefully everyone's week is going by as fast as mine is, this weekend I will be traveling up to NH to see my family and I couldn't be happier! I always get homesick when the fall arrives and it lasts up until around after Christmas. Not sure why it happens when it does but it does and I deal with it. Ask my mother, who I've been Face Timing with every night! Along with seeing the fam, me and Ry are going to Pumpkinfest at Keene on Saturday which leads me into my post for the day. Today, three years ago at Pumpkinfest I met Ryan.

Yes, a corny anniversary to celebrate, but without meeting Ryan there would be no us and that is a pretty big deal. October 17, 2010 my friends from college and I took at trip up to Keene to visit one of their boyfriends and enjoy the festivities of Pumpkinfest. I've told this story multiple times, to multiple people and the thing that always sticks out when I tell people how we met is that when I first noticed Ryan he was hanging out of his bedroom window and then seconds later he was gone, he fell through the window. Everyone laughed and Ryan was fine, but I knew then that he was going to be important to me and three years later he still makes me laugh. I could not ask for a better person to call mine and I'm glad that three years ago began such a great bond between two people.

Enjoy the rest of the day lovies!

Until next time,