Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday! Cheers All Around!

Happy Friday everyone! No surprise that there is a good mood flowing over here today, not only is it Friday but I'm getting out at 3 to start this weekend a bit earlier! I'm sharing the five things that are making me jump for joy on this Friday. I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for this High Five for Friday post!

1. Darius Rucker tonight!
Ahhh! I can't contain my excitement for this show tonight. I've seen Darius twice before, once when he was still with Hootie and the Blowfish and once as a solo artist and both times he did not disappoint and I'm sure tonight will not be any different.
2. I get to see my mum!
With my parents living in NH it makes it hard to see them as often as I want! So when I get the opportunity to spend time with them I take full advantage of it. She is going to be at Darius with my aunts and cousin! Again, I cant wait!
3. Breaking Bad
We had started watching the series about a year ago and really couldn't make it past the first few episodes. But we recently started up again and I'm totally hooked. I know we are late to the BB party but hey, at least we got there!
4. Getting my run on.
For weeks, maybe months now, I've been training. Yes I'm training for a 5k next weekend, and I'm training for a 10k in the fall but I'm really training to be a runner. I've never been a person who liked running, I didn't even like walking long distances but once I motivate myself enough to get out there I feel great. I kick myself for all the times before that I have started and quit because it was too hard. Now I am on the right track to keep this motivation going and continue to build myself as a runner.
5.Conversations with kids may be the best conversations!
This little lady started preschool this week and surprised us all by loving it. So I call her and asked her how her first day was and she screams into the phone, "I LOVED IT".  Then I asked her if she made friends, she simply stated..."I already have friends." Well then, she is already a little diva and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for this one!
Happy Friday!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Boo for Monday, Yay for a Weekend Recap!

Happy Happy Monday everybody! And yes today feels exactly how a Monday should feel. I woke up and could have slept for another 8 hours and wouldn't even think twice about it. This weekend was busy but a good busy!

We were able to hike on Saturday but we only to Mt. Wachusett. With an 80% chance of storms at Mt. Monadnock we were not taking any chances. We got up early, hiked about an hour up and in the heat it felt like three hours up but we made it. We had some lunch at the summit and finally the weather seemed to calm down a bit. We had a nice breeze for our hike back down which helped. Our goals for the fall will be to hike both Mt. Monadnock and then Mt. Washington!
Our trip to the mountain

View from our lunch spot


The view is better when you get to share it!

Leaving the top!

Yesterday was the first Sunday that actually felt like the fall season was close. I made chili, the Patriots season started and I made gluten - free pumpkin muffins for the week! The pumpkin muffins are delicious and you can find the recipe here. I found these great muffin tins in animal print at the store and had to try them, a little disappointed that there was not leopard print. And to conclude my Sunday, I organized and cleaned my closet, you know to prep for all my fun (and new) fall clothes!
Yes of course my muffins tins were animal print!
Now to get through the rest of this Monday! Enjoy the rest of the day!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Dance for Friday and Finally a Blog Post

We made it to Friday and I made it to this blog!

As we begin September and with the fall closer than ever, what better time to get back into the swing of this blog that I have abandoned for far too long. There is no sense in me explaining where I have been for the last 6 or so months, it's always the same, too busy or not enough to write about but the important part is I'm back. I always say that blogging helps me relax and clear my head and that is just what I need right about now.

Training for a 10k, working on health goals, a 9-5 job, a social calendar that is constantly booking and double booking, it can be a lot but finding the time for myself is necessary and this blog is and has been one way of connecting back to reality. Five things I'm doing a happy dance for this Friday!

1. For starters, I am back to my natural hair color as fast as the summer came and went so did my blonde hair.

Dark hair don't care!

2. Pumpkin everything is back! Not only is my favorite pumpkin spice coffee back in Dunkins but there are more and more pumpkin spiced flavored things showing up everywhere.

Like this little find!

And of course, pumpkin spice coffee

3. Tomorrow we are hiking Mt.Monadnock, weather permitting and I'm very excited! We love to do small hikes here and there but this fall we have set a goal to take on a few more challenging hikes and this one will kick us off.

Can't wait to be there.

4.I've been adding more and more items to my fall wardrobe and I cannot wait for the weather to get a bit cooler to break them out.

5. It's Friday and that is a celebration all in itself.

Happy Friday loves!