Wednesday, March 26, 2014

At Peace

Someone once told me that when the sun beams through the clouds it was God's way of calling someone home.

Not sure where this picture above was taken or who took it but they sure captured a big homecoming in this photo. Lately, in my life and in the world around me there have been people that have been taken too soon. But I seem to find peace in the thought that they are now somewhere better and like I have said before, they are gone but not completely.

*This photo kicks off my Wordless Wednesday posts, when the words slip from your mind there is always photos. Link up and show me what your thinking about.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have come to terms with the fact that the Spring may never come...

While a snow storm lingers in the forecast for tomorrow. I can't help but think am I ever going to be able to wear spring clothes?! This morning I decided to ditch the winter blues and add a pop of leopard to my outfit and wear my wedges proud, as a proclamation that Spring is truly here and we just need to let Mother Nature know that.

Leopard tank - Francesca's
Light sweater and Rockstar Jeans - Old Navy
Black suede wedges - Payless
Also, as I was looking through my jewelry for something simple to pair with my outfit. I came across my M initial necklace from Fifth and Mae. The post ranting and raving about this necklace and the website all together has been long over due!

The necklace and initial are the perfect size, not too big but big enough to make out that it is in fact the initial M. I couldn't be more happy with this necklace and the excellent customer service at Fifth and Mae, not to mention their jewelry is crazy affordable! Head over to their site to check out their cute jewelry!
Now to pray to Mother Nature that she decides to change her mind and give us Spring like weather instead of snow.
Until next time!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What is Spring without Warm Weather Attire

Wait, the sun is coming out and the sky is blue, what is happening here? Oh right! It's the first official day of Spring!

Finally an end to this awful winter is in sight. The weather is approaching the high 50s and you can just tell people are excited. Everyone is busting out their spring colors and just overall happier. Warm weather is so close!

With the warm weather buzzing around, I thought I would share some things I'm loving for spring.
1. Pixie Pants
These fabulous pants can be found at Old Navy. They come in a ton of fun colors and patterns for spring and are perfect to mix and match to wear with a ton of different things.

I love that wedges can be worn with pretty much anything. Dress pants, jeans, dresses, even shorts. You can bet I will sporting wedges as oftern as I can. This cute pair from Target will probably be my first purchase.

3. Pretty much anytyhing neon.
In a world where black pants and cardigans rule. You need a pop of color which is where all the neon greatness will come in handy. The neon red is a huge plus for my wardrobe.

4. Head turbans
I am totally loving this headband trend. It will be perfect for weekends when you just don't want to do your hair or great for wearing to the beach to keep your hair up and out of your face. Love the bright colors in this one.

5. Maxi dresses.

Forever 21

At the end of the season last year, I vowed that I would wear maxi dresses this spring and summer and I will hold true to that vow. A few of the ones I'm loving right now.  

Now I'm in the mood for some shopping! What are you all loving for Spring right now?!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying happy Friday! This week seemed to have dragged on but only a few more hours and the weekend will be in full swing. So last night I tackled another fitness class, this time it was a Core class and to be honest, today is the most sore I've been in a long time. Trust me it's a good sore but I can feel the burn let me tell ya. After trying out those classes, I have signed up for a membership and hopefully can keep this healthy lifestyle going. This weekend is supposed to be nice weather wise and I will be taking full advantage of it. I can't wait to spend some time with my family and get out running because I am training for a 5k! Yep, I will be running in a charity 5k in April so the training needs to start ASAP. Today I am linking up with Lauren over at Lauren Elizabeth for this weeks High Five for Friday.

1. As I had mentioned earlier this week, the fabulous Lea Michele released her first album, did I mention it was amazing. Anyway she has been promoting the album all week and appeared on GMA and my girl killed it, not only is she great at handling tough interviews since Cory Monteith passed away but she also preformed two songs from the album and nailed them both. Ah couldn't love her more.
Obviously I recorded the whole thing
2. I decided to spruce up the cube this week by adding some of my favorite quotes. My own little gallery wall in the office.

3.  As far as the whole leopard movement (yes, I have named my recent obsession such) is concerned I feel that wearing leopard has made me feel a lot more confident about myself and not to mention you can pair leopard with anything.
4. The man, the myth, the legend, my rock. Despite the ups and downs I have been facing with my fitness and weight struggle, he has been nothing by supportive and has cheered me along the whole way. I wouldn't want anyone else motivating me the way he has!
5. Last but certainly not least, my ootd needed to make an appearance on the blog today. You can't see them in the photo but you know for sure I have my leopard flats on today.
Enjoy your Friday and weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plié...Relevé...I'm hooked

No, I am not planning on becoming fluent in French, I took a Barre fitness class Monday night and I may be addicted.
All my ballet training came back to me

I thought to myself as I'm embarking on my new healthier lifestyle, I should try other things for a workout instead of just going to the gym. I had been looking to do a class for awhile and finally got the courage to go out and try something new. For those who know me know that I do not like trying new things for just fear that I will suck at it. This class was not like that at all.

When you tell people you are taking a Barre class you get a lot of the same questions; Is it dancing? What type of stuff do you do on the bar? Is it an all leg workout? And of course, I had similar questions before I started.

It is not a dance class, it takes the fundamentals of ballet and incorporates them into a workout.

The bar is used as a balance tool, most of the leg and arm workouts are done on the bar, but you also do a floor workout which works your core as well as your legs and arms.

No it is not just a leg workout, but trust me your legs will certainly feel it the most and for a few days after!

The class was amazing and I was sweating within the first five minutes. 60 minutes later I walked out of the studio feeling accomplished. One I tried something new and two it was one of the best workouts I think I've ever done. I loved the class and not to mention the studio so much that I am going back on Thursday to try out their Core Conditioning class! More to come on that!

As well as encouraging you all to go out and try something new in the fitness world. I am strongly encourage you to take a listen to Lea Michele's new album that came out on Monday. I may be biased because I've followed her since she's been on Glee and she is just an inspiration all together but the album is amazing and I have not stopped listening to it. Let me know what you think!

She is for sure my girl crush
Everyone enjoy your Wednesday!