Friday, March 1, 2013

It's About Time

I know...I's been what feels like years since I've sat down to blog. Trust me I have been going back and forth with the idea of even starting to blog/write again. Don't get me wrong, writing on here is an amazing exepierence and I get to read many different blogs and learn many different things and not to mention the people I meet along the way but blogging can also be very time consuming. Ah! Time, something I feel like I have been having less and less of. (So many new and exciting things happening which have been consuming my time, but I will fill you all in slowly)

Yes, the statement of a blog being time consuming can be argued..."It cant be that hard to sit and write a blog post, takes a few seconds and your done." For me it is not about sitting down and jotting a quick note and then it's over. I use blogging as a way to de-stress and a way to just sometimes get what I'm feeling off my chest, and trust me, that can take time.

With the whirl wind of starting my new job not too long ago and not to mention we are moving again (in 6 days mind you) and other things in between it's been very hard to sit down and focus on writing. I've also been fighting with the notion of what my blog really stands for - trust me I have much more improvement that needs to be done in my life, but I don't think my blog is actually highlighting anything that could be useful for improving ones life. That will change! I am vowing to post useful insight on things that will infact improve my life and hopefully yours, there will be some posts that aren't as helpful as others but that is only natural.

I am welcoming myself back into the blog world and hope to never let myself slip on posting again (see that is an improvement right there!)

Happy Friday to all my blog loves and I'm happy to be back!

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