Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July and Not a Firework in Sight.

Let me start by saying I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

I am going to rant for a minute on the downside of my 4th. I did not see one firework my whole holiday weekend. They are my favorite part of the 4th of July and I didn't get to see ANY! I heard them, yes I heard tons of them around me but I did not get to experience that beautiful burst of color in the sky. But I hope all of you got to enjoy some, and for that I will live vicariously through you.

Pretty much how I felt over the fireworks
Anyways, so it's Monday after a four day weekend which is difficult but it is also a Monday before my vacation. I just have to get through these next four days and it is off to the Cape for the week with Ry and his family. It will be a much needed vacation and I can't wait.
Looking forward to finally experience the Heights Beach that I hear so much about
BTW it is still a scorcher out there, which makes motivation for the gym and any activity for that matter unbearable but if this body is going to be on the beach all next week, I need to put in overtime.
Have a good rest of the day everyone.
Until next time.


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