Monday, July 29, 2013

From Drinking to's only Monday

Ugh, here I am finally getting to writing a post for Monday. Clearly my day has been busy but not busy enough that it has kept me from Facebooking, Instagramming and other forms of social media distraction, but it has kept me from blogging. Until now.

This Monday was a bit more rough than the others, we had a very eventful weekend which would explain the reason I did not move from my couch yesterday. We spent Saturday day and night in Boston. We went to the OAR concert and then celebrated Ryan's cousins 21st birthday. Let me just say I cannot hang like I use to. The bar we had gone to was small, filled with fresh faced 21 year olds and my drink of choice was either in the form of bottom shelf liquor mixed with some watered down soda served in a clear plastic cup or basic beer in a metal bottle, don't get me wrong I use to love the cheap beer, but since graduation, I've become somewhat of a beer snob. We settled for some Bud Light and made our way to the dance floor. Although it had been awhile since we have ventured out into the bar/club scene, we had a great time. But come Sunday morning, my body hurt and my head ached and I vowed that I could not and would not drink again. Clearly that is a false statement but it made me feel better even for a moment to say it aloud.

This will be me come Friday, when I NEED a drink.
As the end of the day approaches, my motivation to get to the gym after work lessens. I know, I know I bitch and moan about getting in shape but I just can't find a love for working out and it doesn't help that it's raining now. But I am going to suck it up and get there, this week is supposed to be the start of me learning to run. Yes, you read that correctly I am learning to run. No, I know how to if I need to run away from a ferocious animal I could manage it but running for exercise, well I'm not good. I start out running and two minutes in I'm over it. I'm breathing uncontrollably and my legs hurt. So today I am going to start slow and eventually work my way up until I can call myself a runner. Let's see how well this goes.
Hannah from Girls doesn't like running either
Here's to a successful run tonight. Enjoy the rest of this Monday everyone!

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