Monday, September 8, 2014

Boo for Monday, Yay for a Weekend Recap!

Happy Happy Monday everybody! And yes today feels exactly how a Monday should feel. I woke up and could have slept for another 8 hours and wouldn't even think twice about it. This weekend was busy but a good busy!

We were able to hike on Saturday but we only to Mt. Wachusett. With an 80% chance of storms at Mt. Monadnock we were not taking any chances. We got up early, hiked about an hour up and in the heat it felt like three hours up but we made it. We had some lunch at the summit and finally the weather seemed to calm down a bit. We had a nice breeze for our hike back down which helped. Our goals for the fall will be to hike both Mt. Monadnock and then Mt. Washington!
Our trip to the mountain

View from our lunch spot


The view is better when you get to share it!

Leaving the top!

Yesterday was the first Sunday that actually felt like the fall season was close. I made chili, the Patriots season started and I made gluten - free pumpkin muffins for the week! The pumpkin muffins are delicious and you can find the recipe here. I found these great muffin tins in animal print at the store and had to try them, a little disappointed that there was not leopard print. And to conclude my Sunday, I organized and cleaned my closet, you know to prep for all my fun (and new) fall clothes!
Yes of course my muffins tins were animal print!
Now to get through the rest of this Monday! Enjoy the rest of the day!

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