Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Fellow Americans

Happy Election Day! I hope everyone had the chance to get out and vote today! I voted via absentee ballot because I'm now living in MA and just haven't registered here yet. Anyways I was pretty excited that I was able to vote and as we sit here in anticipation waiting for the election shows to start and the ballots to be counted, I thought I would take some time to write a bit.

I'm sure everyone has heard about the Nor'Easter that may be hitting New England this week. Don't get me wrong this is my favorite time of year I love the holidays and spending time with family and friends, but the weather that accompanies this time of year is not my favorite. I don't like being cold and I hate the snow. But all I can do is throw on a cute scarf and jacket and face the elements. That was my little vent sesh for the night.

Speaking of the holiday season. As crazy as it seems, I am going to get a head start on my Christmas shopping this weekend. I have quite the lengthy list of loved ones this year and need to start now so I don't overwhelm myself. Also, its the first year me and Ryan are celebrating the holidays in our own place which means I have to of course start my collection of decorations as soon as I can! 

If only my living room looked like that!

Well stay warm everyone and if I don't write (because I'm too wrapped up in Christmas shopping, no pun intended) enjoy the weekend!

Until next time!

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