Monday, August 5, 2013

A Monday Recap of a Busy Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! The weekend was busy, but in a good way! There aren't too many weekends left in the summer, so I'd rather fill them with fun things to do then waste them! But I hate to admit that I did appreciate the chill in the air this morning. That only means my second favorite season is right aroung the corner! Not too much to write today but I will let my pictures do the talking.
Friday night we bowled

And I drank bowling alley sangria....questionable

Then Saturday we celebrated this lady's baby shower!

Mimosas for all!
And I got to spend the day with my fabulous mumma!

The happy couple with all their presents and their neice and nephew helpers!
Yesterday I cooked an amazing Italian mean with sausage and homemade lasagna...

And he loved it!
Have a great rest of the day everyone! Also, make sure to watch some Shark Week this week!

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