Thursday, August 22, 2013

Foot In Mouth

Well it happened, my first blog fail. Well I'm sure there have been a few fails along the way but this one was big enough that my blog post from yesterday has been taken down. If anyone read my post yesterday it was a long one discussing the difference between men and women and the way they romance each other. Some parties were upset with this post and I thought in the interest of not offending anyone else I took the post down.

But as I was thinking more and more about it. This blog is where I write about how I feel and I should not have to censor myself, granted I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings or push boundaries. When I sat down to write the post there was never an intention to purposely hurt feelings it was just a slightly comical way for me to express some thoughts. Anyway, post went up, boundaries were pushed, post was taken down. And there you have it. Now I vow to leave those who respect my blog posts but do not want to be included out of my writing but I will not censor it and keep my feelings from it. I started this blog to do just that write about my life, and feelings, and whatever pops up in this head of mine and will keep doing so.

Vent session over.

Until next time,

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  1. no fair! this is your space and you're allowed to have you're own thoughts and ideas, that's what blogging is all about! i say fuck them, write whatever your little heart desires :)


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