Monday, September 16, 2013


Well folks, I made it through my first night sleeping in the apartment by myself....I didn't say it was successful but I did it. If only you could see me today, bags under my eyes, too tired to do my hair and barely keeping my eyes open, you can tell I did not sleep.

Safe to say I did not get a good night's sleep...not even close.
You don't really notice all the noises that occur during the middle of the night until you are in fact up in the middle of the night. My sleep timer could have lasted 6 hours at a time and I still would have been awake to see it go off which is the worst feeling ever. Just as you are getting ready to fall asleep and you are ever so comfortable, light flashing from the television in the background to reassure you that the room is less creepy in the light, then all of a sudden its pitch black. No matter how tired you are, you are now wide awake and some small part of you is mad, like who turned off the television, When in fact you are fully aware that the timer has reached it's time and you have just been too worried about sleeping that you didn't have time to fall asleep before it went off. Your heart starts beating, you begin to sweat, but also realize that you may be fine without turning the television back on. Close your eyes for two seconds and when that floor board creeks, you don't think twice about the television being on and the process begins again. That is what my night looked like last night a constant battle with sleep and therefore I am useless today.
But an accomplishment is an accomplishment, 1 night down, 4 more to go! Not much to write about today, seeing my brain and myself need a good nap!
Enjoy the rest of what's left of this rainy Monday.


  1. I know exactly what your talking about, we live in the country now and it's so dark and I don't hear anything until the hubby isn't home! I feel like such a sissy but it is so damn creepy!


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