Thursday, September 20, 2012

It Has Finally Occurred To Me...

Good morning loves!

I have come to a realization this morning...I am not cut out for a desk job. Yes, I understand there are people everyone who say they would love to not be sitting at a desk all day and doing something else but I truly believe that this lifestyle is not for me.

I have made it very very clear (especially to all those around me) that a 9-5 day job is the type of job that just is not my cup of tea. I literally cannot sit at my desk longer for an hour without getting antsy and need to get up and find something to occupy my time and keep me away from my desk. It also doesn't help that work is especially slow lately, which leads me to just sit and twiddle my thumbs, not the best way to make my day go by. I would love to be able to come and go as I please and be able to take care of things at home while still being employed.

And there is where the dilemma begins?

I need a career change and quick because it is really getting to me. My thoughts are all over the place on the first step to a new career and trust me I've been applying and interviewing but I just want my next career to be something I LOVE, not just something that is paying the bills but I really want to be excited to go to work.

As of right now, I think my option is to start looking at going back to school and get my butt moving on this change. I mean come on there are only so many excuses to use for walking around the office and I'm running out of them!

Any advice for those who have made career changes would be so appreciated!

Until next time! Enjoy this beautiful day!

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