Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh how the summer goes by...

The middle of the week is already come and gone and we are two days closer to the weekend!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day and the extra day off from work. Our weekend was filled with   new restaurant experiences and plenty of sun. Soaking up what was left of the summer. Labor Day always has that feeling of leaving the Summer behind but welcoming my favorite season...the Fall.

We had the pleasure of trying Bistro 20 in Sudbury on Friday. I would recommend the menu to the Italian lovers out there, but the atmosphere was lacking for a Friday night. We were the only people in the main dining room and it was 6 o'clock on a Friday...strange but overall enjoyable.

Saturday, we had an early dinner with Ryan's grandfather and his wife at the Cheesecake Factory, so much food, so much cheesecake! Can't complain for a girl who loves food and loves sweets.

I decided to get creative in the kitchen on Monday after eating out I felt we needed some homemade cooking. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Spicy Cream Chicken and Pasta. Recipe can be found here. The recipe was delicious and made an ample amount for leftovers for the next night. This will definitely  be a recipe I add to my cook book!

Well as you can see the long weekend was filled with lots and lots of food but also some good relaxation before the rush of fall and the countless Fall television shows start up again.

Enjoy the last few days of warm weather and start cleaning out that closet for all the scarves and sweaters of the season. Look forward to my upcoming tips on how to better organize when downsizing aka apartment living.

Until next time.

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