Thursday, October 18, 2012

Linking up for Thursday

One day closer to Friday, who isn't excited about the weekend! I will be heading up to NH to visit my family on Saturday and I am so excited!

For today I am linking up for "It's OK" Thursday.

It's ok that I am excited that the weather is now cold enough for me to wear tights with my dresses.

It's ok that I have been eating the same thing for lunch for the past two week. Can't help it I'm a creature of habit!

It's ok that I screamed like a child last night when I found a stink bug in my car.

It's ok that this weekend is filled with lots and lots of relaxation.

It's ok that I still get homesick :(

It's ok that I've only ran once this week (I will go tonight I promise)!

It's ok that I finally enjoy going to work! FINALLY!!!

Have a lovely Thursday and rest of the weekend if I don't post!

Until next time loves!

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  1. so glad you're loving the new job chica!!! happy thursday :)


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