Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obsessions for a Thursday

With some time to spare I thought I would share some of my latest obsessions on this lovely Thursday. Yes, one day closer to the weekend!

My first obsession lately is tights with boots. I am absolutely loving the look and can't wait to get myself a brown pair of boots to add to my closet!

love love love

My next love of the week is my gel nail color. At first I couldn't love the color because I was disappointed it wasn't darker like the bottle promised, but that is always the case with nail polish. But as I get use to it, the more I love it.

red delicious!

My last obsession of course has to be a food option and I can't get enough of them. I never feel good about eating a bagel, just too many carbs at one time, but bagel things solve everything. And of course when I came across the pumpkin spice flavor in the grocery store, I knew I needed to have them. Try them! I swear you will love them!


Well, my coffee is just about done brewing and I need to head out, have a wonderful day!

Until next time!

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