Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday already?!

Happy Hump Day my loves! It has been one heck of a week and its only Wednesday. Like I mentioned early I started my new job on Tuesday which has been amazing. The job seems like it will be something I will love doing and I've met some great people as well.

I've spent the majority of my night after I got home today catching up on all my favorite blogs, I have been so out of the loop this past week with all my blogs but tonight was a good catch up night and I can't wait to get back on to a normal schedule and be able to get back to my faithful blog schedule...soon hopefully!

This weekend should be a good time to gather my thoughts and relax. The weather is looking to be perfect and chilly and I hope to get some apple picking in, if time allows, who knows what manages to find themselves on my calendar. We are planning on meeting up with some of our friends and going to Dave & Busters which I hear is like a Chuck E Cheese for grown-ups?! Has anyone been? Let me know what I'm in for!

Anyways, I need to go tend to my macaroni on the stove, Ryan is at a dinner with some of the valve guys from overseas so it is dinner for 1 tonight.

Until next time my blog loves!

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